Board Meeting – July 18, 2017


Board Of Directors Meeting

JULY 18, 2017


In Attendance:

Tony Ilaqua, President

Scott Vandenburgh, Vice President

Lisa Toomey, Secretary

Pat Mackey, Treasurer


Wendy Weidman

Dennis Ryan

Paul Ashline


Maeve Toomey

Bo Weidman

Olga Ashline

Alea Ashline



Keep in mind that there are annual expenses that are coming up.  Pat Mackey reviewed what is in the operating account and the Water Quality account and upcoming annual expenses.



Paul Ashline reported that the Clubhouse roof is leaking in several places and needs to be repaired.  Prior to repair it will need to be cleaned and scraped.  This can be done by volunteers to save on cost.  Board members agreed to recruit at least one volunteer if a date is set.


Paul Ashline received an Estimate for roof from Jim Shanley:for $15,000.

This estimate is for cleaning and scraping current roof, providing a layer of insulation above the current roof, and then capping it with rubber.  This should  last at least 25 years.

After discussion of ways to lower the cost, it was decided that  Paul Ashline will get an estimate if we scrape and clean it..  There are not funds in the treasury to complete this at this cost.



Paul Ashline reported that the ballists are broken in many of the lights and and can’t be repaired.

Paul explored National Grid program for replacement with LED lights. However,  it was not worth the $ it would cost us.

It will cost approximately  $1200 if we do it ourselves with diimmable LED versions.We will need a

work party of volunteers to replace all lights 2 nights, 3 hours each. Board members will each recruit 1 person to help with this.  Paul Ashline will order lights and let us know when they will be in so we can set a date for the install.


Board authorized expenditure for new lights from general operating fund.



Shirts have been ordered in blue

Hats will be ordered in a neutral, stone washed color to be determined

They will be here to be on sale at the Oldies Night event.


A discussion ensued regarding a rack or display case for items to be dispayed and kept at the Clubhouse.  Items have not been kept at the Clubhouse in recent years due to inventory control issues in the past. If they are kept there, the y will need to be locked and the keys will need to be limited to Board Members only.  IF this is done, board members will ge able to access them and sell them at events.


Alea Ashline presented the idea of of purchasing a rack where things are stored.  Several styles were discussed.  Approval was granted for Alea to order the storage rack. Reimbursement will be from the operating fund.


After a discussion at our previous meeting, beer glasses were ordered by Alea Ashline with our BL logo. (79 ordered).  These will  sell for $12 each $10 each for 2 or more.  If BL glasses are used, the price of beer will be less.


It was suggested by Alea that we cater to younger member by serving a beer that would be more popular with them. Alea will poll for kinds of beer on Facebook.



Alea is maintaining it.  She is currently the administrator. She will add Maeve Toomey also.  This will allow both to add  information on the site.  The link is up on our website.



Minutes to board members will be e-mailed and sent  to Brian Smith (Webmaster) to post on Website.



*Wendy tries to get as many as she can set up by end of summer for following year.  She will continue to do so.

*Need  to recruit new people for Ice Cream Social and Kids Lip Sync for next year. Alea will post on Facebook

*Friday nights?  May want to do some Members only happy hours. Could  be put on Facebook.


*Paint and Sip is being   arranged by Olga Ashline for sometime at the end of August.


*Beer, wine, whiskey tasting is being set up by Alea Ashline


*Paul Ashline would like someone to help him organize an Old Fashioned Poker night/Casino night for next year.



It was suggested by Dennis Ryan and Paul Ashline that the Club Rental Fee should be raised to  $300 for non-members, $100 for member.  It was agreed that this would be raised as of now.



*Discount card for local businesses was suggested by Alea Ashline.  This would be something that would be given to paid members. Alea will explore.


*In January membership letter,  include benefits of membership (club rental, discount card, etc.)


Budgeting and meeting dates established  for the year.  We will post calendar on the website with available club dates and when it is available, board of directors meetings all are welcome.



There are no utensils, pots and pans, etc. Where did they go?  Alea will put a message on facebook regarding donations for the kitchen.



Paul Ashline has purchased one for $250.. He will install it and hook it up to propane.  He will be reimbursed the $250..  The old one will be sold  on Craigslist.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017



Lisa C. Toomey

BLIA Treasurer